Hey Guys we will be hosting another Olympia Weightlifting Clinic September 16th from noon-4pm (tentative date, 10 people minimum). The Clinic will be taught by Coach Itsvan Dioszegi, here is some info on him taken straight from his site. You don’t want to miss this clinic, sign up at the gym or give us a call (520-625-2013) to request your spot!! Price is $65.


taken from https://www.olympia-weightlifting.com/coach-istvan/


Coach Istvan began his weightlifting career in 1992 at the age of 11. He left his family to live and train with the Romanian Weightlifting Team 11 months each year. He was a member of the Romanian National Team from 1992-2004, and the Romanian Olympic Weightlifting Team from 1999-2004 where he was coached by Olympic Champions Nicu Vlad and Petre Becheru. Nicu Vlad, three time Olympic medalist, is recognized as one of the greatest weightlifters of all times and is the creator of the “Romanian Deadlift.”

Coach Istvan Dioszegi as a young weightlifter.(Coach Istvan Dioszegi as a young weightlifter)

Istvan DioszegiCoach Istvan Dioszegi is proud to carry on the Romanian Weightlifting tradition in the United States of America. He applies his 20+ years of experience as a National and International Champion and Coach to providing athletes and teams focused, personalized, Olympic quality training.

teachHe personally tailors The Olympia Method, his Olympic Quality Training Method that combines technique, strength and programming, to youth, Lifters, CrossFitters and Masters, guaranteeing that each athlete reaches his or her fullest potential.


In 2012, Istvan left a successful military and coaching career in Romania to give his family a better life in America. He is introduced to the owner of a Chandler CrossFit. Within months, Istvan became their head Weightlifting Coach and USAW Coach of Record. Between 2012 – 2014, the Weightlifting club grew to over 30 students. Coach Istvan trained all of his athletes to achieve personal meet PRs in 2014!


Coach Istvan’s Masters Athletes medaled or set new meet records in their Age/Weight classes at 2013 national meets.

  • Monique Wall – Silver Medal at 2015 Pan American Championship
  • Michael Frazier – Qualified for 2015 Senior National Championship
  • Julio Laboy – 3rd place at 2015 Nationals Masters Championship in California.
  • Monique Wall – Gold Medal at 2014 Pan American Championship
  • August Schmidt – Best male lifter in the 105k/35-40 category at the 2013 American Masters Nationals.
  • Eileen Schreiber -National Record holder in the 69k/50-54 age group at the 2013 National Masters Championship.
  • Becky Vasey qualified for the 2013 American Open.

Coach Dioszegi is AFC’s conditioning coach. He works with elite fencers and upcoming fencers to enhance overall athletic ability, quickness, and strength.


National Championship Cadets (2009) BUCHAREST, ROMANIA
1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medal, 3 Bronze Medal

European Junior Championship 9/6-13 2009
Performance: 1st place snatch, 1st Clean and Jerk, 1st Overall

European Championship of Cadets10/17-22 2011, VALENCIA, SPAIN
Performance: 1st place snatch, 1st Clean and Jerk, 1st Overall

European Championship of Cadets 8/21-28 2011, CIECHANOV, POLAND
Performance: 1st place snatch, 1st place Clean and Jerk, 1st Overall


  • 15 years Romanian National Weightlifting Team member
  • 4 years Romanian Olympic Weightlifting Team member
  • 8 times Romanian National Championship Senior
  • European Championship Senior, (Ukraine, 2004), Fourth place
  • European Cup (Greece, 2003), Silver Medal
  • European Cup (Italy 2001), Silver Medal
  • 1 time European Junior Champion
  • 1 time Balkanic Champion (Slovakia 1999)


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Physical Education
  • Honored twice as Master of Sports in the Romanian Weightlifting Federation.
  • International Weightlifting Coach’s License (this is a selective Master program level of education that requires completion of a two year intensive program of coaching)
  • USA Weightlifting Federation Certified Coach
  • Licensed Referee for USA Weightlifting Federation as well as for The Romanian Weightlifting Federation.
  • Level 1 CrossFit Certified Coach
  • CrossFit Olympic weightlifting trainer https://www.casinonorske.com/